Our Purpose…

…to guide the Crosswinds family beyond the walls of the church to offer spiritual, emotional and material support, from just outside our front door to the furthest parts of the world.


Meet the Global Impact Team

Director:   Steve Gardner
Members:  Gary Swimley, Gary Ennis, Karen Pereira, M.J. O’Neill, Rich Place, Steve Gardner, Tracy Heffron, Trudy White-Hamilton

Ways You Can Be Involved:

• Pick up a Prayer Catalog in the Chapel Lobby or use this website to choose one local or regional ministry and one international ministry to pray for. Once you have chosen them, please contact the missionary or ministry to get their email updates so you will know how to best pray for them and support them.
• Pray individually, in small groups, and as a family.
• Volunteer locally or regionally.
• Go on a short-term missions trip.
• Support other short-term mission team members financially
• Become a long-term missionary

Please Pray With Us:

• Ask God to increase our individual and corporate compassion and awareness for global ministries.
• Ask God to impress on us specific and urgent needs locally, in urban settings and worldwide.
• Ask God to reveal any sacrifices He wants us to make personally, and ask for the courage to respond courageously.
• Ask God to raise up workers who will dedicate themselves to serving in a specific ministry area.
• Ask God for wisdom and guidance as we make decisions here that will have impact in our own community and around the world.
• Ask God for the boldness, empowerment, effectiveness, provision and protection of our missionaries and ministries.
• Ask that these workers are increasingly encouraged and able to see evidence of lives transformed by God.

Contact us: sgardner@crosswindsonline.org