What is Baptism?

Baptism is an outward expression and celebration of the decision you made when you entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Baptism symbolizes the transformation that took place in your heart at the time of salvation, while publicly announcing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. It represents sharing in Christ’s death and resurrection, being washed clean and being forgiven of your sins.

Because Jesus instructed us to be baptized, Baptism is an act of obedience. While it is not necessary for salvation, it demonstrates submission to God.

Who should be Baptized?

Baptism is for those who have committed their lives to Christ. If you have accepted His gift of salvation and committed your life to following Him, then you should be baptized.

What does the Bible say about Baptism?

  • Baptism is the means by which someone is identified as a follower of Christ. (Matthew 28:19-20)
  • Baptism is the act through which we formally become members of the Body of Christ. (I Corinthians 12:13)
  • Baptism by immersion identifies us with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. It represents our death to self and sin, and our resurrection to new life in Him.
    (Romans 6:1-11)
  • The water of Baptism represents the washing away of our sins as well as the cleansing of our hearts and lives before God. (Acts 22:16)

How do I sign up to be Baptized?

That’s easy! All you have to do is click HERE and complete the online registration form. We’ll be in touch after that.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I was baptized in another church, do I need to be baptized again?

No. As long as your Baptism was a Christian Baptism, you do not need to be baptized again.

What about infant Baptism? Can my child be baptized? 

The Wesleyan Church does allow for infant Baptism as an expression of the grace of God that is already at work in the heart of that child. We also allow for the dedication of children, through which God’s blessing is formally sought for the child and the parents publicly commit themselves to raise their child in accordance with the Scriptures.

Parents or guardians interested in baptizing a child should contact Trisha Smith, our Children’s Ministry Director. She would really enjoy the opportunity to talk with you and your child about Baptism. Trisha can be reached at (585) 394-5857 or tsmith@crosswindsonline.org.

If I was baptized as a child, do I need to be baptized again?

No, your Baptism as an infant doesn’t expire. However, when someone is baptized as an infant, the responsibility of following and growing in Christ lies with the infant’s parents. Therefore, many people who were baptized as an infant desire to be baptized again as an adult in order to publicly profess their own faith as well as their personal decision and commitment to follow Christ.

Does Baptism have to be by immersion?

While The Wesleyan Church respects those denominations that believe this to be the case, we do not think the New Testament legislates any particular mode of Baptism. The value of the sacrament of Baptism is in the life and heart of the believer and in the grace of God, not in the amount of water used. As a result, we affirm Baptism that is done by sprinkling, pouring, or immersion.

Will I have to say anything?

No, but since Baptism is intended to be a person’s public profession of faith in Christ, we require those who are being baptized prepare a written pronouncement of their faith in Christ and intention to follow Him on your Baptism Registration Form. An announcer will read your statement as you make your way to the Baptismal pool.

How does the service work?

We will have a meeting one-half hour prior to each service in the front of the Ministry Center to explain the actual Baptism process and answer any questions. It is essential that you arrive on time for this meeting.

During the Baptism service, you will be invited into the water while the announcer is reading your testimony. If you would like, you may have a family member or friend join you up front (outside the Baptismal pool) during your Baptism. This could be a special person in your life who has walked alongside you in your journey. During your Baptism, they would only need to hold your towel and congratulate you when you are done. Following the reading, you will be baptized by the pastor or ministry director you chose. The pastor or ministry director will say a few words then help ease you backwards, immersing you in the water, and then ease you back up again.

What should I wear?

For modesty purposes, both men and women should wear dark colored T-shirts and shorts or pants. Please choose wisely and consider how your outfit will look on you once it is wet. Again, we stress modesty in your choice of clothing. Please also bring a towel and change of clothes.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions or would like to talk with a pastor, please contact the church office at (585) 394-5857 or office@crosswindsonline.org.